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Section 8 Homeownership Program

NOTE: To be eligible for this program, participants must already receive Section 8 rental or public housing assistance.

Through the Homeownership Program, eligible Public Housing residents and Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) participants use their housing subsidy toward a mortgage payment instead of rent.  Participants must complete pre-purchase homeownership counseling and meet a strict set of eligibility guidelines, as well as ongoing requirements for continued assistance.

The term of assistance is 15 years if the mortgage has a term of over 20 years and 10 years in all other cases (exceptions are made for elderly and disabled families).  This assistance can only be used toward monthly mortgage payments.  Program participants must cover all costs associated with inspections, down payment, closing costs and ongoing home maintenance.

If you receive Section 8 rental or public housing assistance, the first step is attending an Orientation to hear all about the program and decide if it is right for you.  Call (502) 569-6060 extension 6960 to hear the schedule of Orientations.

Helen Cole

homeowner testi photo
"It's a wonderful feeling to own a home," said Helen Cole, who purchased her first home in West Louisville. She gives the credit to the LMHA program that prepares individuals and families for homeownership. "I've already referred seven people to the program," she added. Helen first heard about the program in March of 2000 when she was a resident at Beecher Terrace. An LMHA staff person suggested she might be eligible and encouraged her to consider enrolling. After she agreed to enter the program, her case managers stayed with her and encouraged her every step of the way. "The program is a time commitment, but well worth it," she explained. Through class work and regular support from her case manager, Helen gained self-help and money management skills. Thirteen months after purchasing her home, Helen's income increased which resulted in her no longer needing assistance from Section 8. In those 13 months, Helen received special classes that gave her the skills for success and she earned match money in the IDA account to use toward home repairs and maintenance. She remains a successful homeowner. Helen and her children are enjoying their new home, and she has nothing but positive things to say about the program and its staff. "They push you right on and they are there to help you all along the way."
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