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What you need to know about COVID-19

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Louisville Metro Housing Authority is monitoring the impact of COVID-19. We intend to remain in compliance with all recommendations of Louisville Metro Government and the Commonwealth. The health and wellbeing of our staff and participants is the primary concern and we are taking measures daily to ensure their safety. For example, all staff that have the ability to work remotely are doing so as we ensure continuity of service to our participants and community.

We encourage all members of our community to continue to practice good disease prevention including regularly washing your hands for 20 seconds using soap and water, coughing and sneezing into a tissue, and practicing social distancing. We thank you for your cooperation as we all navigate this new landscape together.

We will continue to remain diligent in our response to COVID-19 and the impact to both residents and staff. Below you will find policies and memos distributed during this time to participants and staff. As this is an ever evolving challenge, information will be updated as necessary.  

Waivers and Notices: 

30-Day Notice for Non-Payment and Rental Assistance Resources - 11/8/21
LMHA Waivers from HUD PIH2020-33 6/14/21
HCV COVID-19 Mailing 6/22/21
PH COVID-19 Mailing 6/22/21
Landlord CDC Eviction Moratorium Letter
CDC Declaration Form 9/17/20 
Notice to Public Housing Residents 3/17/20
COVID-19 Protocols 3/24/20
COVID-19 Protocols (Revised) 4/17/20
CARES Act - Landlords 4/14/20
CARES Act - Tenants 4/14/20
CARES Act Notice PH LMHA & HUD 4/29/20
CARES Act Notice HCV LMHA & HUD 4/29/20
CARES Act HCV Participant Update  7/17/20
CARES Act PH Notice August Rent Relief 7/30/20
Amended LMHA Repayment Agreement Sample for Landlords
Repayment Agreement Guidance
Landlord Incentive Eviction Prevention
HCV Waivers Notice for Residents 
PH Waivers Notice for Residents 
Client Self Verification 3/2020 
Fraud Bulletin Renters 4/2020
Late Notice to Report Income 4/14/20
Memo to Participants - COVID-19 Precautions 4/17/20

Newsletters and Flyers:
Masks Optional 1 3/18/22
Masks Optional 2 3/18/22
Mask Zone 3/18/22
Please Wear a Mask in Common Areas 2/7/22
Mask Required in this Area 2/7/22
Protect Yourself 2/7/22
Free N95s 2/7/22
Vaccines Myth VS Fact 2/7/22
Wash Your Hands 2/7/22
Emergency Broadband Benefit 6/22/21
LMHA Safety Precaution 10/20/20
LMHA Business Personnel 10/20/20
LMHA Resident Newsletter (PH) 6/2020
COVID Response Newsletter (HCV) 7/2020 
HCV Landlord Flyer
Tenant Brochure
COVID-19 What is it?
Do you feel sick?
Avoid Novel Coronavirus
Avoid Novel Coronavirus (Spanish)
When to Seek Care
Help Stop the Spread 
Elevator Social Distancing
Smoking Hut Distancing
Living In Close Quarters
Prevention - CDC
COVID-19 What you can do if High Risk


Visitor Limitation Policy 3/13/20
Visitor Limitation Policy (Revised) 3/25/20
Work Order and Visitor Policy (Revised) 7/6/20
2020 St Peter Claver Garden
The Garden is Open
Louisville Grows Sale

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