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Resident Councils

Many LMHA family and elderly public housing sites have a resident council to address needs and concerns and to keep residents informed about activities and programs within the developments. The resident council boards consist of residents who reside at public housing sites and have been elected to represent the resident body. LMHA resident councils are not-for-profit organizations specifically charged with the responsibility to:

1) Maintain a viable resident organization representative of the residents who elect the resident council;

2) Maintain open communication with residents to keep them informed of all resident council meetings, activities, functions etc.;

3) Promote programs that will provide improved educational, recreational, employment training and social service opportunities;

4) Receive official recognition from LMHA and HUD as a resident council pursuant to HUD regulations;

5) Work with the LMHA to implement economic development programs for residents;

6) Cooperate with other resident councils under the LMHA's jurisdiction in representing the interest of all residents; and

7) Act as a liaison between the LMHA and residents to assure adequate maintenance of all units and common areas.    

LMHA Resident Council Offices

Avenue Plaza Resident Council
400 South Eighth #1415
Louisville, KY  40203
(502) 569-7272 (o)
(502) 569-2804 (f)

Dosker Manor Resident Council
409 E. Muhammad Ali, Building B
Louisville, KY  40202
(502) 569-7417 (o)
(502) 569-4825 (f) 

Lourdes Hall Resident Council
735 Eastern Parkway
Louisville, KY 40217
(502) 569-3909 (o)
(502) 569-3910 (f)

Noltemeyer Wynde Resident Council
4500 Noltemeyer Wynde Court
Louisville, KY 40219
(502) 569-6636 (o)
(502) 969-3445 (f)

Parkway Place Resident Council
1625-A South 13th Street, Building 39
Louisville, KY  40210

St. Catherine Court Resident Council
1114 South Fourth Street #1405
Louisville, KY  40203
(502) 569-4954 (o & f) 

Will E. Seay Plaza Resident Council
4314 Bishop LN., 3rd floor
Louisville, KY 40218
(502) 459-6241 (o & f) 

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