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The Villages of Park DuValle

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes The Villages of Park DuValle different from other communities and housing developments? 

A. The Villages is patterned after the classic walkable city neighborhoods. Sidewalks and inviting porches contribute to the feeling of closeness and accessibility. The Villages blend all the components of modern life --- new homes, neighborhood workplaces, shopping, recreation and churches --- into one pedestrian-friendly mixed-use community. 

Q. Who lives in this new community?

A. There are single-family homes and apartment homes mixed throughout the community, with sizes and price ranges to suit all incomes. Families can move through life and find the different types of homes they need, all in the same community. 

Q. Can I build any style home?

A. You can choose from a wide variety of house styles and options. All the styles have been selected to create a consistent, classic image for the community, based on Louisville's most successful old neighborhoods like Beechmont, Shawnee, Cherokee Triangle and Crescent Hill. All homes will be constructed by a carefully selected group of builders to ensure the same high standards. Your builder and our town architect can help you with your house design. 

Q. What about the rental units? What types of units are available and is there a criteria that must be met to live in the rental community?

A. There are one, two, three and four bedroom units available within single family homes, duplexes, town homes and multi-family units. Rent pricing will vary according to income level and the size of the unit. In terms of criteria, the head of household must be: 1) employed; 2) enrolled in an accredited educational institution, enrolled in a bonafide training program or engaged in a self-sufficiency program; or 3) receive an "assisted income allowance".

Q. What is the size of the community? 

A. The Villages will have about 1,200 homes, consisting of both single-family homes and rental homes. 

Q. Are there any special incentives for home buyers? 

A. Incentives are offered from time to time. Incentive levels are dependent upon whether you are a first time home buyer, your annual household income and the number of people who will reside within the home.

Q. How do I proceed if I’m interested? 

A. If you are interested in building a home, contact your realtor or call The Villages of Park DuValle Sales Center at  (502) 515-1979. If you are interested in one of the rental properties call (502) 778-7277. 

Q. What are the Amenities?

  • Clubhouse

  • John F. Kennedy Montessori/Magnet Elementary School

  • Swimming pool

  • Town Center

  • DuValle Education Center

  • Carter Traditional Elementary School

  • Southwick Community Center for youth and adult activities

  • Beautifully landscaped properties

  • Close proximity to neighborhood parks

  • Convenient, central location with easy access to downtown and interstates

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